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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

When you are buying a home, one of the most important decisions that you can make is selecting your real estate agent. If you are new to the game, then finding the right fit might seem overwhelming at first, but there are some key questions that you can ask to help you find a real estate agent to guide you to landing the home of your dreams.

Finding the perfect match
Like in any other profession, when it comes to real estate, more experience can equal better results. Especially in the post COVID-19 world, when agents are modifying their strategies, finding someone who knows the market that you want to buy in can be the ticket to success, by asking the right questions.

How long have you been an agent? And how long in this particular market? Do you have a real estate license?
The number one factor is to make sure that you are working with a licensed professional. Every state has different requirements, and it’s a good idea to check the license background of potential agents. After you have that out of the way, you want to make sure they are a pro in your market. Markets can shift from neighborhood to neighborhood and selecting an agent who has experience in the specific area where you want to buy is a good strategy to keep your goals on track.

How many homes do you help buyers to purchase each year?
The average number of homes closed per year for a real estate agent is 12, according to the National Association of Realtors, so if a potential agent’s numbers are lower, you might want to reconsider working with them. Previous track record can equal success down the road and you can even ask agents for references from past clients to make a better informed decision.

Do you work with buyers and sellers?
An agent who works with buyers and sellers may have a more well-rounded view of the market than an agent who works with only buyers. Asking a potential agent about the types of transactions that they work with can give your more insights about whether or not they might be the right fit.

When you think you’ve found that dream home
Once you’ve found that dream home, your agent is your guide to help you decide if it’s the one. If you are ready with questions in advance you will be better prepared when the time comes to make one of the biggest purchases of your life.

Can I see a comparative market analysis of this home?
A CMA, or comparative market analysis, considers 10 properties that are comparable to determine a home’s value. A CMA can help you get a sense of whether the home that you’re looking at is priced reasonably for its market.

Are there any red flags that I should be aware of?
A home that may seem perfect could still have real estate red flags like sitting in a flood zone, being in a neighborhood with a lot of turnover, or having noise issues. Your agent’s expertise can guide you to stay clear of these homes.

What concessions should I ask for or make along with this offer?
A concession with an offer is a request that a seller pay for something as a compromise to a buyer. Concessions can range from a seller paying to fix something that was caught during an inspection, to paying a home warranty for a year. This is an opportunity for a seller to sweeten the deal especially when there are a lot of homes on the market.

Your agent is your guide to helping you buy a home. By asking the right questions before you hire them and during the home buying process, you will be well on your way to moving into that home of your dreams.