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How to Prepare to Sell Your Real Estate in Palm Beach

Selling a home is not as easy as one would think. There are many items to check from to-do lists, repair lists, and renovation lists. You’ll want to ensure that you have everything in order before embarking to sell a home in Palm Beach. Fortunately, at Donohue Real Estate, we’re here to help you make your desired sale a little bit easier. With these following tips and our seasoned advice, we hope that the journey is a simple one. Keep reading to learn more!

Improve the Landscape and Exterior to Sell a Home in Palm Beach

Have you ever heard about curb appeal? It’s the desire created from a person viewing the outside of a home, without ever stepping foot indoors. It’s true what they say; that first impressions truly do matter, and on a house, your landscaping is the invitation to initial looks and interests. When you have beautiful landscaping that frames the home, you’re more likely to have buyers asking for walk-throughs. A few other external repairs you can do include painting, re-doing the driveway, and checking the roof. A fresh coat of paint can make all of the difference. If a house is older, simply give it new paint and watch how it stands out! The reason we recommend roof repairs is because when an inspector comes through with a new homebuyer, they’re always going to check the roof. More often than not, there are repairs or replacements that need to be done. Stay ahead of the game by doing repairs ahead of time.

Inviting Arrival

After the exterior wows your potential homebuyers, you’ll want to keep the excitement going by cultivating a beautiful entrance with warmth. A great way to achieve this is to, again, do any necessary front-door repairs, as well as putting lanterns or florals at the entrance. You can also add a fresh coat of paint here, as it will help the overall presentation. If your door has numbers, be sure to replace any that are worn and fading. Here, you can also add a welcome mat!

A Smell that Resonates

It’s not often that real-estate companies will give the advice to make your home smell like good, but it does help in the sale. Those who tend to bake cookies before a showing or those who light warm-scented candles tend to see an increase in interested buyers. The reason being is that when people are shopping, they’re shopping with their senses. Sure, they’ve seen the front of your home, they’ve touched the door handle, but now, they’re ready to take in the scents. If the home smells old, dry, and stagnant, their interests will lower. However, if the home smells welcoming, warm, and comfortable, they’ll take that experience with them.


We know that it’s not easy to sell a home, and we know how challenging it is to begin to take out some of your most personalized pieces. However, when new home buyers are looking through properties, they’re inserting their expectations and personalized tastes within the space. By removing some of your own tastes, you’re giving newcomers the opportunity to visualize and mentally create what their home might look like within the structure you’re looking to sell.

Deep Cleaning

Often, this is the tip that most homeowners know best and that’s the art of cleaning. When someone is coming to look at your house, it’s important that it’s very clean and inviting. Nobody wants to move into a home that is dirty. Nobody is inspired by a gross home, and very few people will be able to picture themselves living there if it does not look clean. If you already have a lot on your plate, consider hiring a cleaning company to help you get your property ready.

Remove Color

Last, but not least, we believe that removing any colors will help a home to sell better. The reason being that, again, people are looking to visualize their own lives and when there are bright colors on walls, it can block their imaginations. With neutral, light-toned walls, newcomers can project their visions without frustration.

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