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Victoria "Vicki" Copani is a licensed Realtor® serving buyers, sellers, and investors in South Florida.
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I really had an amazing time with both as my realtor. They keep me informed on every step of the process. Selling a house is very different than buying a house. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thanks again.

-Kellyan H.

They worked very hard to sell my property. They are both lovely ladies.

-Linda M.

Working with these ladies was amazing and I would use them as realtors again, a million times. Buying a house is always stressful, buying a house from out of state adds another layer to that stress.These ladies were willing to help in anyway possible, showings via FaceTime, previewing property and the neighborhood as if I was there, paying attention to small details and watching for safety issues for our kids, they understood what we needed. This process would have been so much more stressful without them. These ladies helped us find the perfect home for our family!


If you're looking at real estate in Palm Beach Gardens -- Vicki Copani MUST be your go-to! She knows EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE in this area! I decided to move from NYC to FL to be closer to my parents -- thus this was to be my first time experience purchasing Real Estate -- and needless to say there is a lot to know! Working with Vicki and her team was truly the best thing to have ever happened to me! She went above and beyond for me at every step! I had a few specifications in a condo (including location to be close to my parents) but also security, pet friendly, budget, appliances etc... were all items that I was looking for. However, communication is something extremely important to me and this where Vicki nails it! At our first meetings she picked me up and was prepared with an entire itinerary of Condos on a well planned scheduled, so we'd waste no time. And when we liked something, she wasted no time getting in contact with the sellers agent (whom at most times she knew personally), to make them aware of our interest. She really listened and understood what I was really looking for -- and did not at any point push me into looking at properties that were outside of my criteria. When we went to make our first offer on a location (this is when I knew I could truly trust her) she explained the entire process and level set my expectations & what the timeline could look like. When it was time to make moves on a property I knew she'd do everything in her power to work hard and with professionalism on my behalf. And just like she outlined to me, the process kicked off! Once we one the bid on the property I started to work with the Jamie on her team who would handle the Closing Costs and the entire underwriting process with my lender. And just like Vicki, Jamie walked me through every dollar and would check on me regularly to answer any question no matter what it was. After all the paper work was said and done and signed. We bought the Condo that I feel in love with that has everything I asked for including within my budget and was ready to pick up the keys. And of course, in true fashion to these wonderful women they surprised me at the closing with Cupcakes and Champagne to celebrate! I couldn't be happier!! Thank you Vicki and Jamie for everything!


The LiVi group at Donohue Real Estate are professional and amazing group of women. Vicki Copani and Lisa Schutte Mohr sold my condo in 1 day and got full asking price. These women are amazing to work with and get the job done.


I have been in the mortgage business in FL for over 20 years. Working with Vicki makes my job so much easier. Vicki goes out of her way to help each client with any situation that may come up. Vicki always has a solution. Working with such a knowledgeable agent gives me the peace of mind as a Mortgage Broke that the client has the best working for them. I refer ALL of my business to Vicki Copani SHE IS THE BEST!!!

-Stacy B.

When I moved to Florida and was unfamiliar with the area, I found Vicki Copani at Donahue RE. She was really helpful and patient narrowing down what I needed with the right price and location. She gave me a contact list with all the utilities etc . I would need when I arrived also. She was absolutely awesome. Thanks again Vicki!

-Lilly B.